Picture Replacement Windows In Denver

When it comes to add windows to your home, there are plenty of options out there. Some customers might go for wood windows for its elegancy and grace. Others might want a more modern look and stick with vinyl windows.

However, out of all the types of windows (fiberglass, wood, vinyl) picture windows are probably the most discriminated windows out there. They are misunderstood. Yet, when you really get to know them, we know you’ll fall for them. From their usage to their benefits and strong points, here’s everything you need to know about picture windows.

Picture Window Replacement Denver


What Are Picture Windows?

Why “picture” windows you ask? It’s because these windows offer you a picturesque view of your surroundings. They are fixed windows (meaning they are made of a fixed glass that usually doesn’t open); therefore, they act like a picture frame for the outside world. As for their shape, they typically come in the shape of a square or a rectangle.

The Benefits of Getting Picture Windows

  • Versatility & VarietyWhile Vinyl windows are extremely versatile, one may say that picture windows are the winners in this category, the reason being that a picture window can appear extremely pleasant on their own just as much as it can ooze chicness when combined with other picture windows. By making combinations, the options are limitless. Customers usually take into account their house’s style and décor before getting picture windows. They can, indeed, reflect their house’s interior in their windows. Whether it’s old school, modern or plain simple, picture windows can please any client that comes knocking on their door.
  • Energy SufficiencySince they are made of one unmovable glass, picture windows are considered the most energy sufficient type of windows out there.
  • SustainabilityPicture windows have a very high index of isolation. This is mainly because these types of windows do not open and, being closed, they aid in insulation and weather-proofing. On top of that, they also prevent the infiltration of heat during summertime and conserve the house’s interior heat when it’s wintertime. Sounds neat, right? But that’s not all. During wintertime, picture windows allow more sunshine to penetrate the household making it warmer. That’s an extra heating source. For free!
  • Easy MaintenancePicture windows are effortlessly maintained. Because they do not have any movable parts and do not open, they do not break or need replacing – unless it’s the glass that’s broken, of course. Generally speaking, all that is required is to wipe the glass with a cloth to keep the view as beautiful as ever.
  • Natural Beauty & LightingYou could say that since picture windows offer more sunshine, they are giving you an extra source of free lighting. These windows, having huge glass plates, do indeed allow the sun’s rays to keep your household feeling warm and illuminated.

Picture Replacement Windows in Denver

Why You Should Get Picture Windows

  1. Because they’re fun! As mentioned above, picture windows are very versatile and you can literally place them anywhere you desire: on the lower wall, in the middle, on top… It’s up for you to decide!
  2. picture windows have a vast customizable range: they have a huge variety of options for you to pick from. All you need to do is remain true to your house’s vibe.
  3. picture windows are great energy efficient windows that allow your house to stay warm and offer you a great imagery of the outer world.

If you still don’t know whether you want to go for picture windows, don’t worry. You can always contact us and get an expert’s opinion on the matter!


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