Vinyl Versus Composite Windows

There are many windows to choose from for your residential or commercial property. Windows are the gateway into your world so you want to make sure that you have the best windows for your home installed by experts in the industry. 

Today, we discuss the biggest key differences between two of the top types of windows we offer at Five Seasons Windows. If you like what you read, feel free to leave us a message in the comments, or send us a message. We enjoy hearing any kind words, and if there are any areas we can improve, we are all ears to making your experience better. 

Let’s begin…..

Vinyl Window Replacement 

Vinyl windows, the jack of all trades in the window industry. The type of window that carries a number of benefits including: 

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sun degradation and fading resistance
  • Durability
  • Low maintenance 
  • Affordable 

Vinyl windows do it all for a homeowner, which goes to show why they are the most popular type of window installed. According to a study from Principia Consulting, vinyl windows account for 60% of all units installed nationally.

Vinyl is considered to be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum which is one of the greatest factors of why vinyl windows are the leading type of window on the market today.

Composite Window Replacement 

Composite windows are the dark horse of the industry. Many homeowners may be familiar with vinyl, wood, or aluminum frames but composite is oftentimes overlooked due to lack of awareness around the specific type.

Composite frames look similar to wood and are made with a number of composite wood products. Similar to the 100% vinyl windows, composite is a low maintenance option for anyone looking to invest in their home. Unlike a full wood window, composite windows do not require refinishing and touch-ups every few years.

Mutual Benefits of Vinyl & Composite Windows

MaintenanceBoth vinyl and composite windows are going to be very low maintenance options for anyone not wanting a lot of upkeep to have their windows looking great all year round. The two window options are impervious to common upkeep items that other windows must undergo such as:

  • painting
  • staining 
  • scraping 

Not having to worry about constantly taking care of your windows, gives you the ability to enjoy your weekends, go on hikes, snowboard/ski, or tackle a different home improvement project! You have to worry about a lot of things in life, with vinyl or composite windows, maintenance is not one of the issues. 

Style – Switching things up in the home is one of the biggest factors that a homeowner decides to get his/her windows replaced. That being said, vinyl and composite windows offer a number of options to select from that give the individual plenty of unique options. These two types of windows are available in a number of colors, meaning that there is bound to be a color that matches every individual’s unique style. 

Energy EfficiencyBoth types of windows offer a large amount of energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills for your home. Originally developed for a colder climate, composite windows wood interior acts as a natural insulator in the winter months. 

****From an eco friendly perspective, composite windows are created from recycled wood leftover from the creation of fully wooden frames. These windows are often recycled themselves at the end of their lifespans, making them a great option for an eco-conscious homeowner. 

Both windows are energy efficient options, but do to the creative methods and recycle factor, we’re giving the edge to composite specifically on this category:)

Window Replacement Costs. 

Vinyl windows are going to cost less than composite to manufacture and install. If you are looking for the least costly option, vinyl has the upper hand. Vinyl’s shape is flexible, making it an option for most applications of the window and thus bringing down the cost. 

****Although Vinyl windows are a less expensive option for a homeowner, they still provide as much durability as composite and other types of windows. Both vinyl and composite windows are going to offer the utmost durability compared to the rest of the options for window replacement. 

Window replacement often depends on a number of factors around the project. For more information regarding the cost in depth, check out the average cost to replace windows in 2019.

At Five Seasons Windows, we know everything there is about each specific type. We offer expert residential and commercial replacement and installation to the Denver Metro Area. Our job through blogging is to inform you on all you need to know in order to make a wise and educated decision on your home. 

Because we are a smaller company locally owned and operated in Denver, we offer some of the most affordable and cost effective prices for the homeowners we work with because we have less overhead then the bigger corporations. 

If you are in need of quality, affordable and honest window replacement in the Denver area, think Five Seasons Windows. 

Five Seasons Windows did an amazing job on my windows. They were fast, efficient and reasonably priced. They were even able to add another window in my bedroom that required cutting through the brick. They were always on time and cleaned up after themselves. Great Crew. Thank you!!

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