After years of owning a home or corporate building there is going to be a time when you need to get your windows replaced. When this time comes, there are a number of questions that can come to ones mind like how much do replacement windows cost, what the procedure will look like, what types of windows to get and many more. At Five Seasons Windows our window replacement specialists work to provide the highest quality of window services in the Denver metro area. Whether you are in Lakewood, or Aurora or anywhere in Jefferson County and beyond, we have everything you need to deliver top residential or commercial window replacement services.

When it comes to answering the question of how much your window replacement is going to cost, it is easy to say the average window will cost about $800 per unit for an average sized window but Five Seasons Windows focuses on consultative experience and choosing the right materials and brand for the job. We build in additional services including tax, labor costs and materials so you pay once and are not surprised at any fees at the end of the day working with us.

Double hung instead of single hung may average an additional $100- $150 per unit.
Other factors or additional costs may consist of replacing window sills or exterior trim, taking care of rotting in the existing pockets or if the homeowner may wish to add color and finishes.

If you believe it is time to get your windows replaced due to age or rotting frames, give the professionals a call. Begin the conversation with our expert window installers and we will be a resource for any questions you need answered. On our call we will also offer a free estimate of what you might be looking to pay based on the window type, number of windows etc. so you are fully aware.

Customer service and professionalism in the window industry is what Five Seasons Windows stands for. Reach out to us for a free estimate and complimentary consultation with our Denver window professionals today.