Three Reasons To Replace Your Windows Before Winter


We all know Colorado winters can be rough. Although it is only September and we are still enjoying the warm summer air, we must begin to prepare for the months ahead.

As seasons begin to change, now is the time to ask yourself--is my home ready for the cold, wind, and snowy Colorado winter?

Why should I replace my windows before winter?

At Five Seasons we believe that windows should not only increase the overall aesthetic of your home, but also serve as a protective shell to the interior. Here are three reasons we believe that replacing your windows now--before winter is in full force--is the smart decision:

1. Improve Overall Comfort

We love wintertime in Colorado.

There are few things better than a morning on the slopes followed by a cozy evening at home. Now picture this: you have a great day on the slopes only to come home to a cold, drafty house. Not ideal.

It is important to stay warm during cold winter months, but it is hard to do so when your home cannot retain heat due to poor quality windows. By replacing your windows today, you can rest assured that you and your family will stay protected from the cold.

2. Prevent Damages

When your windows are broken or have gaps, it is almost as if you are inviting the outside in.

When the cold strikes, this can include gusty winds, rain, and snow--all of which can cause serious damage to your walls, carpets, and furniture. Water damages, in particular, can be both unsightly and very expensive. You can take measures to protect the interior of your home by replacing your windows before it is too late.

3. Save Money

Your windows also play a central role in regulating the temperature of your home. When windows are not properly sealed, air conditioning and heating is constantly leaking out of the house--leaving you with steep energy bills each month.

With an average high of 45 degrees in Denver during the winter, it is inevitable that your heat will be cranking for a few good solid months. You can give your furnace a break and significantly reduce energy costs each month by replacing old, drafty windows with new energy-efficient ones.

So What Next?

We must stay prepared for the expected as seasons change, especially in Colorado. Window replacement is an investment for the future.

Give us a call today at (720) 465-6728 or schedule a free quote to make sure your windows are strong enough for any weather.