Snow in May? Hail in August?

Colorado has a funny place in Mother Nature’s heart. One day she’ll decide it’s 70 and sunny, the next hailing and in the 40s. We’ve gathered some of the most shocking facts in Colorado’s history.

1. Hail!

It would be hard to discuss Colorado’s erratic weather patterns without mentioning the hailstorm that took place last May.

The storm was the most costly in Colorado’s history, totaling at a startling $1.4 billion. $710 million in auto claims and $704 million in home claims were filed.

2. Wacky Temperatures

Consistency is not a word associated with Colorado’s weather. We’ve come to predict the unpredictable.

Throughout history Colorado has reached some pretty impressive temperatures. The highest temperature ever recorded in Colorado was 118 degrees in Adams County on July 11, 1888. The lowest was a staggering -61 degrees on February 2, 1985 in Moffat County.

So keep your beanies handy in July and your swimsuits ready in December.

3. Let It Snow

We all know that Colorado is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world due to its heavy snowfall. But did you know that the most snowfall ever recorded in the western United States was in Colorado?

On April 14-15, 1921, 76 inches of fresh powder fell at Silver Lake in San Juan County. Colorado’s record blizzard occurred in December of 1913, when 30 to 50 inches blanketed the Front Range, from Trinidad to Fort Collins. During that same blizzard, 46 inches blanketed Denver, making it still the heaviest snowfall to date for the city.

So, what should I do to stay prepared?

No state boasts a greater variety of weather and climate than Colorado. That’s why you need windows for all weather. At Five Seasons Windows our mission is to ensure that your windows are strong enough for whatever Mother Nature may present.

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